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Remarkable TV: Leadership Lessons from the Shower

When it comes to coaching others, we often make the same mistake that I made with a “backwards” shower faucet. Intrigued? Check out this episode of Remarkable TV for my leadership lessons from the shower. Successful coaching starts with understanding and empathy of the other person, not with our agenda or normal approach. @KevinEikenberry (Tweet […] [READ MORE]

Your Success Depends on This Skill

Communicating for results
My hope is that this headline makes you wonder. Perhaps you are guessing what the skill is. Perhaps you are thinking I am pretty presumptuous to suggest I know the most important skill you need, after all, I don’t know you, your experience or what you do for a living. This skill is so ubiquitous […] [READ MORE]

Announcing a Fascinating Learning Opportunity

Fascinate Survey
About a month ago, I recommended a new book titled How the World Sees You (read that recommendation here). Since that recommendation and the release of the book on July 1, the book has made #2 on the New York Times Best seller list and #1 on the Wall Street Journal list. This book helps […] [READ MORE]

Five Thoughts on Persuasion

quotations on leadership persuasion
Persuasion. I’ve written about it recently, and yesterday I posted a Remarkable TV episode on the same topic. When I start teleseminars (like the ones at, I often start with quotations from others to give greater perspective. Today, I’ve decided to do what I sometimes do at the start of our teleseminars, by sharing some […] [READ MORE]