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Ten Questions Leaders Should Ask Every Day

thinking women
Questions are one of the most powerful tools we have as leaders. They can help us engage others, gather information, set the stage for coaching and feedback, and allow us the opportunity to listen rather than talk. The power of questions is undeniable. I am a big fan of collecting questions, and in a workshop […] [READ MORE]

Is Money All There Is?

Teleseminars with Kevin
You want to motivate, influence and inspire your team members to get their work done, meet job expectations, and hopefully for more beyond that. And yet, you feel hamstrung. After all, you don’t have the ability to give raises when they are deserved, and without the ability to use money as a motivator, there is […] [READ MORE]

Are You a Miracle Maker?

If your answer to the title question is no, think again. According to the author of today’s quotation, you are a miracle maker, once you do one thing. Questions to Ponder - Are you awake to your possibilities? - If not now, can you think of a time when you have been? - How can […] [READ MORE]

A Big Customer Mistake and How to Avoid It

Customer Service
We, as leaders, make a big mistake sometimes, and when we fall prey to this mistake, it spreads throughout our organization. I’m going to tell you what this mistake is, why it happens, and how to fix it, in less than 400 words. Are you ready? The Mistake We frame our customer relationships as solely […] [READ MORE]