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Barbara (Barb) McLin, at 71 is the senior member of The Kevin Eikenberry Group. In her role as Remarkable Member Development Director, she has the privilege of getting to know the members of the Remarkable Community, and the joy of serving as their guide as they learn, grow, and become the Remarkable people that Kevin knows they are. She also serves as the “concierge” of the Remarkable Leadership Learning System, the Bud to Boss Certification program, and collaborates with the people in the Kevin Eikenberry Community to provide trainers and speakers for their respective events or ongoing training needs..

She is a wife, married 50 years to “the most fun, and loving, person she knows” and the mother of two adult children. Her son, an Army Major, is retiring in early 2016 after 22 years of active duty. Her daughter, an OB-GYN nurse, lives with her family in the DC area. Barb and her husband are the Directors of “Nana & Papa Camp”, which is run exclusively for their five fabulous grandchildren.

Barb has been involved in fund-raising on the volunteer level for 40 years.

Currently, her role as the President of the Board of a local non-profit, as well as serving on the Executive Board of the statewide non-profit that deals with the issue of health disparities in the minority community in Central Indiana, fills her volunteer time.

Barb has a background of 40+ years in Marketing and Management. She has owned her own Sales & Marketing business for 30+ years and is the Co-Owner and Director of the WTE (Wellness Through Education) Group. She is an experienced speaker, and currently speaks and instructs in the weight loss and wellness area. She was also the manager of her husband’s law office for over 10 years.