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Carl Smith, Learning & Development Advisor/Master Trainer

RS300X300-9[1] While working with clients, he strives on developing a partnership with each client, meeting their individual needs and wanted results every time. Whether it be answering questions, offering additional training resources, and providing support to propel them forward in their leadership journey, Carl ensures that each client is prepared for long-term success.

With his positive and uplifting attitude, has spent over 20 years working throughout North America and Europe, coaching and training business owners, C-suite executives, and upper and mid-level managers, promoting best practices in inspirational leadership, collaboration, and effective communication and coaching.

In his role as a master trainer in the DISC model of human behavior, he helps others understand the integral process when people interact, collaborate, and execute for greater success. He also coaches clients to improve their application of the principles governing human behavior to obtain better results through better relationships.

Carl and his wife Shannon have two sons and a daughter, Ian, Noah and Ashley. Between enjoying time with his family and involvement in implementing leadership programs in his community, Carl currently is in the process of finishing his PhD in Christian Counseling and Coaching.