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John Little, Certified Trainer & Coach

John LittleJohn Little brings nearly two decades of professional experience, knowledge and expertise to his career as a consultant, trainer, seminar leader and coach. His passion for adult learning and development is evident in his content and delivery on topics of improving team dynamics, enhanced communication skills, leadership development, emotional intelligence, time management, sales training, goal achievement, human performance and personal empowerment.

John draws on his experience working at CNN and CNN Sports Illustrated in Atlanta, GA for nearly 10 years as a coordinator, manager and in production. Consistently producing quality content in an ever changing environment and tight deadlines, he developed translatable communication and leadership skills to help professionals succeed under pressure. In addition, John also has nearly 10 years working as a manager and trainer including time in the banking industry with training and leadership positions with Washington Mutual (now Chase) and SunTrust Bank.

As the President of The Winner’s Edge Consulting, John currently travels the nation training and consulting individuals and organizations on improving work flow processes, communication skills, stress reduction and building stronger teams. He has worked successfully with for profit and non profit organizations by putting the focus on their top asset, their people. John has been designated a Certified Human Behavior Trainer and often uses the DISC assessment tool as a foundation for many of his programs.

A graduate of Winston Salem State University with a B.S. in Sports Management and Administration, John is a published author and an accomplished public speaker. He holds memberships in the Florida Speakers Association, serves on the board of his local ASTD chapter and is a member of several local Chambers of Commerce.

An avid sports fan, he often weaves inspirational stories from the world of sports into his speeches and workshops. John and his wife live in Hollywood, FL and travel extensively. John is well on his way to achieving his personal goal of visiting all 50 US States before the age of 50.