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Kimberly Sellnow, Certified Trainer & Coach

Kim SellnowDetermined to grasp all that life has to offer, Kimberly Sellnow embraces the experience of travel, personal growth, connecting with people, and her enjoyment of ice cream…but what she is really passionate about is inspiring people to be all they were created to be — to take a step forward in life instead of settling for mediocrity. With the belief that self-understanding can lead to increased self love and the ability to achieve more out of life, she encourages people of all ages to value their gifts and find the remarkable within. Kimberly is an international speaker, author, business growth consultant, trainer at The Ultimate Communicator, and CEO of The Wisdom Project.

Kimberly brings a depth of experience and credibility to the topics on which she presents and consults. She delights in creating light bulb moments for others; when people are empowered and released to celebrate who they are and get more out of life. Through her refreshing and energetic speaking style, she engages audiences of all ages, seeking to motivate and encourage.

A natural tendency for Kimberly is to celebrate all that is good in others, illuminate their strengths and shine light on their achievements. Her energy is infectious. She is known for her resourcefulness and true pioneering spirit — intrigued by things she has not yet seen and people she has not met. Kimberly challenges people to get real and get detailed regarding their destination in business and life. Authentically, she creates a platform for individuals across the globe to unleash their own energy and find the power to move forward in life, becoming all they were created to be.

Kimberly and her 2 fantastic daughters call Minneapolis, Minnesota home.