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Marla Allen, Certified Trainer & Coach

Marla AllenMarla Allen brings energy, enthusiasm, and passion to her role at the Kevin Eikenberry Group as a trainer and coach.

She has over 20 years of broad based executive human resources and organizational development and training experience. She has a passion for “maximizing people, potential, performance, and profit”. Marla is a gifted leader, professional facilitator and trainer, and works as both a consultant and coach. With her experience, Marla helps move individuals and organizations from analytics to action and improved bottom line results.

Marla is known as a learning and talent management specialist. She has created and managed enterprise learning platforms in large sales and service organizations. Her methods help transform managers into leaders, unite teams, and improve productivity through a unique combination of communication, commitment and trust. Marla’s ‘funomenal’ style and creative workshops motivate participants to become superstar players in their organization’s overall strategic game plan.

She has championed multi-million dollar projects and is grounded in the principals of project management with a thorough understanding of risk, reward, and results.   Marla has been fortunate to lead in cutting-edge projects that do not conform to the norm and that require resourceful thinking, cost containment, and strong leadership skills.

Marla earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Baylor University in the field of Merchandising, with an emphasis on business and her dual Master of Arts Degree from Webster University in the fields of Human Resources Development and Management.

Marla is a native Texan and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.  She enjoys volunteering, teaching public workshops, attending theater productions, singing, and riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle to charity events.