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Marlene Brauchle, Learning Concierge


As Learning Concierge, Marlene’s paramount focus is creating the best Learning Experience for everyone she meets.  She is a lifelong learner and can be found at @DLiteInLearning on Twitter.  Looking past her innate ambition to help people meet their needs, her role at the Kevin Eikenberry Group has her specializing in all things Remote Leadership.

Marlene is also a mom of 3 who was transplanted to the mid-west from Pennsylvania in 2005.  She is married to Paul, who is an electrical engineer/design & project manager for Integrated Project Services. She and Paul went to elementary and high school together (as did both of their parents and all of their aunts and uncles!) Penn State is her alma mater, and prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, she taught at, and later provided office support for, Crayon Kids Early Learning Center.  Ford Real Estate Company and Brite Realty Services used her eye-for-detail and flair for client communications as she made her mark on the C & I Real Estate Market in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery, Chester, Bucks & Delaware Counties.

Marlene is an associate member of the Capital City Chorus, an award-winning 80-voiced women’s a capella chorus in Indianapolis, and currently sings bass with byDesign quartet. Prior to moving to Indy, she sang with, and later directed, the Lehigh Valley Chapter of SAI.  She also was a member of the 2003 International AA Championship Valley Forge Chorus and 2003 Region 19 Champion Quartet, TNT.  She has served as Education Coordinator in Harmony Heartland Region 4 as well as Atlantic-Bay-Mountain Region 19.  Because of her success and ability to communicate, she is a highly-sought-after coach, and humbly, she accepted the 2011-2012 Judy St. John Region 4 Coach of the Year award, nominated and chosen by her peers.

Marlene wants everyone to be able to envision, reach and surpass their innate potential.  By remaining positive in the light of adversity and always trusting in God, Marlene continues to help move people forward – toward their goal.