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One of the best ways to understand the essence of who we are is to listen to our Clients. The Kevin Eikenberry Group can provide you with names and numbers of Clients you may talk with to discuss our strengths and capabilities.   If you would like to contact any of our Clients personally, please send us a request.

Featured Testimonials

We chose the Kevin Eikenberry Group to work with us on our in-house customer service training program. We wanted to work with a group that understood our company and our goals. We did not need someone to re-invent our customer service; we needed someone to help complement it.  We got that, and more with our trainer, Guy Harris, and the Kevin Eikenberry Group.  Our employees had an overwhelmingly positive response to the training, and we are confident this will resonate with our customers for a long time to come.

- Margaret Burns - Customer Service Call Center Manager, Signature Information Solutions LLC

I have worked with Kevin Eikenberry both as a co-worker and as a consultant. His ability to motivate and lead is truly unique. He has the ability to increase an individual’s self-awareness and self-confidence simultaneously. These traits make the training “bottom-line” increase no matter what the topic.

- Wm. Cameron Casper - Director, HR Citigroup

In today’s business world the one thing most of us have in common is a lack of time. That means there is little room for mistakes. Hiring an efficient consultant that relates well to the needs of our work force is critical to the success of many programs and our businesses. That is why I feel confident in recommending Kevin Eikenberry and The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

Kevin came highly recommended to me as highly professional and efficient. The varying levels of experience in our work force demanded that we contract with someone who can relate to a wide variety of personalities and education levels. We needed someone who could interact with our management team and relate to the needs of our hourly employees. We were looking for someone who could motivate and inspire involvement and participation in our training sessions. With Kevin we received all this and more.

Kevin relates to people in a very laid-back manner with a high level of energy and intensity. This allows people to feel comfortable in talking with him while getting excited about what improvements they can make within themselves and their organization. His emphasis on self esteem and building commitment is very beneficial to the short and long term of our organization. His style of getting to know you and your business instead of just putting together programs makes his success rate quite high.

Kevin offers a constant resource and business partner for your company and employees down the road, also. He offers to help current and former clients whenever the need is there. The range of areas Kevin can offer are limited only by your imagination. Kevin completed a Train-The-Trainer session for our organization that has raised the bar for performance higher for all who attended. You will be extremely happy with the results of any project you do with Kevin and you will count your blessings for quite some time. You will not regret hiring Kevin in any area.

- David Shinkle - Training Manager, Argosy Casino & Hotel

Kevin Eikenberry continues to be a trusted and valued resource for employee development solutions. He understands the true needs of our business and has the ability to deliver solutions to us in a way that continually meets our needs.

- Amy Leschke-Kahle - Division Manager, Employee Development, John Deere

I’m glad we had the opportunity to work with you again earlier this spring. It is truly a pleasure. Your enthusiasm and passion for your work are infectious. it’s hard (impossible) for even the sagest old-timer to not get something positive out of your workshops.

- Brad Retelback - Operations Training Coordinator, Alberta EnviroFuels