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Predictably Irrational - The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely

Posted at 10:31 AM on Friday, October 03, 2008

We each make hundreds of decisions every day. And while most of us know that we use both logic and emotions to make decisions, I'm guessing most of us believe that most of the time, we make our decisions logically and rationally.

In this book, Dan Ariely offers example after example where we clearly do not.

The proof cited isn't based on the author's personal views or moral compass but on research - tons of research by him and colleagues around the world studying decision making.

This book will cause you to think about many of the premises our economic policies and assumptions are based on. It also gives you a glimpse into our own minds. The book includes chapters on Social Norms (including a story about a Thanksgiving Day meal I will never forget), Pricing, Supply and Demand, Procrastination and much more.

I find the book fascinating and immediately applicable. (I'm glad it is one I didn't purchase for my Kindle because I have notes in the margins, along with questions and even ideas we are going to try in our business because of what I read.)

Beyond the book, I highly recommend the Predictably Irrational website, where you can read excerpts (a try before you buy option) and follow Ariel's interesting blog on current events and decision making.

Lastly, while I almost always link you to Amazon to help you make your purchase, there are even more reasons this time. On the Amazon, you can watch video, follow the author's blog and download a sample.

On both a personal and professional level I found this book a great read, full of interesting ideas and usable concepts. I am confident you will find the same value for yourself.

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