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Upbeat: Cultivating the Right Attitude to Thrive in Tough Times by Rajesh Setty

Posted at 10:55 PM on Thursday, April 23, 2009

Upbeat by Rajesh SettyI met Rajesh Setty about 18 months ago. I found him to be interesting, smart and, most definitely, upbeat. I share that as a preamble for two reasons: to let you know this book is written by someone who practices what he preaches, and to let you know I picked up this book expecting it to be good.

I wasn't disappointed.

While packaged in book form, this sized-to-put-in-your-back-pocket, 96-page book could almost be called a pamphlet. It proves that while brevity may be the soul of wit, it also can be a precursor to wisdom.

This book helps anyone struggling with tough times see practical reasons to be upbeat. It will also, as importantly, give you specific ways to be more upbeat.

While clearly written with the current economic situation in mind, it applies universally. Not only does it work in any time, but it works for anyone.

Read it as a leader; read it as a parent; read it as an investor; read it as a student.

The writing style is easy to follow and enjoyable to read. You can read it in brief moments standing in line or read the whole thing before going to bed (as I did).

Buy a copy for yourself, and perhaps everyone on your team (bulk order information is available inside the book itself).

It will help you do what the subtitle promises - cultivate an attitude to thrive in tough times.

Learn more and purchase at Amazon.

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