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For over 20 years, The Kevin Eikenberry Group has developed training and consulting solutions for the world’s best companies, including public workshops on leadership, communications, new supervisory skills and much more.

These workshops are offered in metropolitan areas across the country. This makes the workshops available closer than ever to you, and since they are being offered somewhere every month and nearly every week, allow you to attend exactly when you need the skills!

Now What?

If you are interested in either of these for yourself or others on your team, go to the sites listed below, learn more, find the best location for you, and sign up (or search the calendar below for specific dates)!

Bud to Boss
Remarkable Coaching Workshop
Remarkable Leadership Workshop
Communicating for Results Workshop
Conflict Confidence Workshop

Or, if you are interested in bring in one or both of these workshop experiences into your organization or having us work to tailor and customize them for you, fill out the form on this page and we'll contact you right away.