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Unleashing Your Remarkable Potential
June 24, 2013 | ISSN 1551-6571 | Issue 10.25

Happy Monday!

The other night I stayed up late to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  The Miami Heat won a closely contested game over the San Antonio Spurs.  While I am not particularly a fan of either team, I am a fan of the Spurs Coach, Gregg Popovich.  Popovich and his team came within a few points of winning their 5th Championship in 15 years. Anyone with that type of record is worth studying as a leader.  If you are sports fan or not, I’d encourage you to read this recent article from the New York Times – it has plenty of leadership lessons – go look for them!

If you are wondering, I didn’t watch too much of the entire series…. But if the Indiana Pacers had beaten the Heat in the previous round, I’m sure I would have watched much more basketball in the past couple of weeks!

As you know, each week I include a full Resource Recommendation here for you. (By all means, make sure you read all the way to the end to read today’s!) We are looking at tweaking our process just a bit.  You can likely expect that next week this will change slightly – to keep this newsletter a bit shorter, we plan to provide a link to this resource here each week, but not place the full text here.  Instead we will point you to a link where you can read the full recommendation on my blog.

As you read this, I am in Houston working with a group of young engineers recently graduated and having joined the workforce.  Having worked with some of their peers in recent years I know I will be energized by their energy and invigorated by their curiosity and desire to learn.  The experience of this day will make me a more effective trainer and leader for days and weeks to come.

There is a theme between my last sentence and the article below. No – the article isn’t about training or engineers, yet there is an important link that you will find when you read the article. I won’t give you that theme, I want you to find it yourself (it would be no fun if I gave it away before you read the article – besides, now you want to read the article more, don’t you?)

Have a great week and remember . . .

. . .You are Remarkable.

Yours in learning,

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In Kevin's Own Words

A Forgotten Ingredient to Creative Success 

creativityThis coming month, members of the Remarkable Leadership Learning System will be focused building their creativity skills. These are of course important skills for leaders to possess – both for them personally and to support the creative ideas of the rest of their team.

Think about it this way – as leaders, we are trying to help our teams achieve new goals and reach new targets. We are constantly attempting to produce more at higher quality and greater profits. All of this implies that we must do things new ways, because, as Einstein famously stated, doing the same things and expecting new results is insanity.

So as leaders, whether we have thought about it this way or not, we must be creative and we must encourage our team to think creatively if we want to reach our goals.
Hopefully this is leading you to ask this question . . . so how do I help people (including myself) be more creative?

The question is a big one, and I couldn’t possibly answer it completely here – but I can talk about one piece of the puzzle that is overlooked. It is a piece that anyone can apply and there are things anyone can do immediately to improve their creative output.

But first, a story…

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In Your Words

[Regarding the Remarkable Leadership workshop…]

“Training exceeded my expectations.  I have been to many types of seminars and have a fairly broad frame-of-reference with which to work regarding this statement.  The material is well thought-out, and was presented nicely by Kevin.  I relate well to his style and appreciate his objectivity and creativity.  He brought many visual and memorable experiences to the training.  I will definitely recommend training to others.”
– Andy Garrett, Live Oak Materials, Inc.

Kevin Recommends

A New Way to Help the New Leaders in Your Organization

By Andrew CarrollLong time readers (if that is you – thanks) know that each week I recommend a resource to help you improve, grow, or in some way move towards your potential. The most common resource (about 40/year) are books. And most of those books have a connection to leadership in the broadest context.

Not so much today.

Today’s book is a new one that I enjoyed reading, but you wouldn’t find it in the leadership, personal development, or business management section in a book shelf. This book is part history book and part travelogue.

Here is the premise: There are many places where important and interesting things happened in history, that aren’t marked in any way: people could walk or drive by and never know that something important happened at that spot. Carroll, a talented author, decided to find those places and tell those stories.

I read an excerpt – actually the first story told in the book (and the situation that started the whole project) – in an airplane magazine. I was immediately hooked and ordered the book on Amazon before it was released (the publication date was in May of 2013).

The initial story is about the spot where Abraham Lincoln’s son was saved by the brother of Lincoln’s assassin. While not all of the stories are quite that cool, the book is fascinating, funny and a must read for anyone who cares at all about history – and really even if you didn’t like history in school, you would have liked it much more if you had learned some of these stories.

Here are a few examples:

– Where America’s biggest maritime disaster took place (far worse than the Titanic) – and insights into why we don’t know much about it.
– The brainstorm that lead a 14 year old to invent the television.
– Where the first cremation took place.
– The invention of a revolutionary weapon that was invented – in prison.

In short, while you can find leadership lessons in this book (I did), that isn’t why I read it or recommend that you do. This blog is titled Leadership and Learning. Put this one in the Learning – the interesting and fun learning – category.


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