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Creating Lasting Organizational Change

Want your next major organizational change to produce results faster with greater organizational commitment?

It is one thing to pull out a piece of paper or open your graphics software and design a new organizational chart. It is quite another thing to build the right organization for the right reasons, staff it appropriately, then determine what is required to make that new organization work.

Restructuring and reorganization means change. Change to the working relationships, change to roles and tasks – plus the personal change relating to all of those organizational changes. Reorganizations are hard work.

We believe that the best people to be involved in the redesign of a new organization are the people that currently work in the affected jobs. They know the current work. They can identify big improvement areas. They will be most directly affected by the changes. They are key to the success of any change.

“I have found Kevin to be highly effective in services provided to TriHealth. He is professional in his approach and conscientious about his service and product. Kevin invested the time to be sure that he fully understood our needs, which resulted in positive outcomes.

Overall, I highly recommend Kevin Eikenberry … He has been a valuable business associate in TriHealth’s leadership development and nurse retention initiatives.”

– Jennifer Skinner, RN, MSN, Director Corporate Educational Services, TriHealth

We work with you to facilitate a highly interactive, involved redesign process.

How We Can Help

Specifically, we can assist you in many ways, including:

  • Providing a process or roadmap for your redesign
  • Assisting in change planning
  • Facilitating meetings and the redesign process
  • Providing coaching
  • Providing a fresh perspective
  • Assisting in communication and deployment planning
  • Preparing leaders to implement the new organization
  • Facilitating strategic planning

Next Steps

If you are contemplating a restructuring, merger or other major change initiative or are working through one and having trouble getting the support or success you were expecting, let’s talk.  Complete the form below to request more information and get a free initial consultation.

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