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A Strategic Plan That Makes a Difference!

Want to create a long term vision and view for your business?

Need to set strategies that will really be implemented?

Mission. Vision. Values. Goals. Objectives. Strategic Intents. All of us know these are important things. All of us believe we ought to have them.

“You received high marks from our board of directors for actively engaging them in the strategic planning process.

Your diverse methods of input allowed each member of our board to approach their task comfortably, using their unique talents to clarify their thoughts, and then see their input used as we modified our mission, and developed our vision.

Rarely has any group been able to go so far and succinctly agree on the outcome. Your leadership skills to take our diverse board through this process are remarkable.”

– Rod Kelsay, Executive Director, Mid America Cooperative Council

Unfortunately, few have developed and deployed them in a way that has real impact on how an organization functions.

Making it Work

Successful strategic planning processes require:

  • A proven process or roadmap
  • A complete change plan
  • Effectively facilitatated meetings
  • Clear communication and deployment plans
  • Clear accountability
  • Leaders who are prepared to implement the new strategies

Do you have these things?

How We Can Help

We do not provide you with the strategy.  But we can help you create an environment where the best ideas come forward, synergies of thought are found, a common of purpose is developed and the strength of focus is realized.

We help you harness your organization to travel together – towards the agreed to strategic destination.

Next Steps

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