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Why Don’t Your Teams Work?

Here are some questions for you . . .

Is your culture killing teams before they get going?

How frustrated do you get when you set up teams and don’t get the results you expect, or when people on teams find it difficult and stressful?

Do your teams struggle with frustration stress and low productivity?

“Alberta Envirofuels is proud to be on the leading edge in organizational design, and Kevin Eikenberry has been a part of that success.”

– Glenn Hughes, Operations Manager, Alberta Envirofuels Inc.

Most organizations know that teams can be a very effective way to organize complex and interdependent work. Unfortunately, teams don’t automatically succeed, just because people are called a team!

The Bottom Line?

Teams need the right skills, leadership and environment to succeed. We help organizations determine the challenges their teams are facing and aid in removal of these barriers.

We can work with teams at any organizational level – the top floor to the shop floor – to provide skills, techniques and understanding to help everyone become more successful.

How We Help

Some specific ways we can assist you and your teams include:

  • Helping you assess the overall productivity of your teams to determine what courses of action might be needed for improvement.
  • Organizational consulting to build up structures and processes to facilitate greater empowerment.
  • Personal coaching with team leaders and/or members.
  • Facilitation of critical team meetings to help teams mature and grow.
  • Customized team training to fill skill and knowledge gaps
  • Facilitation of team dialogue to lead to agreements for future team behavior.

Next Steps

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