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Change Happens! Understanding, Leading, and Championing Change

All businesses, organizations and people face change. . . everyday. And contrary to popular belief we don’t all resist change (but we surely resist being changed). In this informative and inspiring keynote Kevin takes examples from history and everyday life to help you understand both the drivers and resistors of change. More importantly, he helps you learn how to use this information both personally and professionally when leading a change effort for an organization, with a team, in a one on one situation, or with yourself.

Through his own experience in helping organizations plan organizational change and through study and observation, he can simply and elegantly teach people how to lead change more effectively. The keynote is interactive, motivating and fun. After listening to Kevin’s speech, Change Happens! Understanding, Leading, and Championing Change, your audience will be on their way to understanding themselves and other’s motivations and tendencies towards change and how to more effectively lead people to successful change.

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