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Improving Your Consulting Skills – Helping Your Clients Succeed

Are you looking for the key to unlock the highest value your team of professionals can provide?

Our Consulting Skills Workshops help people in consulting roles (inside or outside the organization) be more successful by understanding the consulting process, how it works, and the roles they can play within it. The workshop helps individuals see how they personally affect the outcomes based on who they are – their strengths, beliefs, behaviors and approaches.

“It was an excellent class and everyone involved can be very proud of the effect it has already had on all the people that attended. This was an experience I will never forget.”

– Doug Patterson, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

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The Bottom Line?

Most staff professionals are really consultants, but they have never learned the skills of consulting. They are excellent accountants, IT, professionals, HR professionals and sales people, but they don’t have the key skills to unlock their highest value to the organization!

Who Should Attend?

Our Consulting Skills workshops will help anyone who finds themselves in a consulting relationship with clients – whether internal or external to their organization. The job titles of people who will benefit include:

  • HR Professional
  • Trainer
  • Sales person
  • Marketing professional
  • Manager
  • Change Agent
  • Internal Consultant
  • Independent Consultant
  • Banker
  • Lawyer
  • Project Manager
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Professor
  • And many more!

What You Will Learn

While we customize the workshop to your needs, here are some sample learning objectives. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the processes that lead to shared vision in groups.
  • Establish mutually agreed upon contracts with Customers/teams.
  • Use an organizational change model in working with Customers/teams.
  • Describe and demonstrate the major steps in the consulting process.
  • Describe organizational and individual change processes and barriers.
  • Recognize and work with Customer/team resistance.
  • Describe your role in influencing change.
  • Describe the various consulting roles and the appropriate time for each.
  • Use genuine behavior in all your consulting interventions.
  • Evaluate your personal skills and initiate a personal development plan.
  • Provide consultation to assist teams with relationship or process problems.
  • Separate observation from interpretation in client settings.
  • Provide feedback that is usable to the receiver.
  • Use facultative questions in a group or one-on-one situation.
  • Use locus of control in planning an intervention.
  • Understand the nature of resistance and how to work effectively with it.

What You Can Expect

One of the key elements of this workshop is the action bias – the workshop is built around the participant’s experiences – both successes and failures – in a consulting role. The workshop is practical in that participant’s will leave with practice on all of the skills learned. Participants will also have many opportunities to assist (and consult!) their peers in the workshop.

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