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Effective Training Built for You


Do you wish you could have training designed specifically to meet your organizational needs?

We use our extensive experience to design interactive, fun, pertinent and relevant training for you. Depending on your needs we can design and deliver for you, or design and prepare your internal instructors to deliver the training yourself!

“Kevin offers a constant resource and business partner for your company and employees down the road, also. He offers to help current and former clients whenever the need is there. The range of areas Kevin can offer are limited only by your imagination. You will be extremely happy with the results of any project you do with The Kevin Eikenberry Group and you will count your blessings for quite some time. You will not regret hiring Kevin in any area.”

– David Shinkle, Training Manager Argosy Casino & Hotel

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The Bottom Line?

You have information and expertise you need shared across your organization, but don’t have instructional design expertise – or your designers are already over committed. Or you know we have the basic content expertise you need, and you want to leverage our content, customized for your specific situation and organizational context.

Either way, we will help you design highly effective training on time and on budget.

How We Operate

We start by understanding the needs of your business – so that training is not only well targeted, but realistic and connected to the overall business objectives. With this background, we use your subject matter expertise and bring our own rapid instructional design approaches to create great learning experiences.

Beyond our instructional design experience we bring a belief in learning as an active process. The training we design will be engaging and full of practice and exercises meant to make the skills and knowledge real in your workplace. Our owner, Kevin Eikenberry served as President, Chairman and two term board member of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association, the premier professional organization for those interested in making learning more experiential and engaging.

You can expect a partner working with you who is focused on delivering business results with training as a tool, rather than a complete focus on designing training.

Specifically, we can:

  • Design the training, materials, and leaders guides and turn them over to you.
  • Prepare your internal trainers to deliver what we’ve built.
  • Deliver it with you as co-facilitators
  • Deliver the training ourselves!

Here are the elements that describe any training project we are involved in:

  • Adult-based – all training designs take into account the adult learner and their unique needs.
  • Performance-focused – learners gain specific new skills and knowledge they can apply in their professional and personal lives.
  • Lasting – the learning we design and facilitate is best judged by the lasting skills, knowledge and attitude impact on all participants and their organizations.
  • Customized – learning sessions are always designed with the organization and its uniqueness accounted for. That way learners don’t scratch their heads and spend half of their time trying to figure how what is being taught applies.
  • Experiential – learners will learn the skills and knowledge by doing, not just passively listening.
  • Grounded – all learning is grounded in real life – enough theory to make sense, but with focused on application.
  • Holistic – learners understand that how what they’ve learned fits into the bigger organizational picture.
  • Fun – learners leave the sessions having enjoyed the session, as well as learned valuable skills.

Next Steps

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