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Creating More Successful Teams, One Member at a Time

Do you realize how much productivity your teams never realize?

Our Becoming an Effective Team Member workshops help individuals understand their strengths and roles better, become both more effective on teams, and learn how to help teams grow and mature.

“…We have grown into an excellent team who is focused on the business objectives and is willing to work together to ensure the success of each individual work group. The barriers have been removed. Much of our success is due to your leadership and guidance. You helped us develop clear objectives and define what was required to accomplish our established goals.”

– Randall Walker, Manager ChevronTexaco Brand Management Center

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Bottom Line?

Stronger more productive teams are comprised of individuals who know:

  • How teams work
  • How to make them work better
  • How they can best contribute

This workshop is for organizations that want to enable and empower people to be more effective when working in teams. The workshop includes the tools, techniques and approaches to better understand how people fit into a team, how they can more effectively contribute to any team, and how they can help the team mature and grow overall. This workshop is especially effective when members of a team attend together, or the workshop is tailored for a specific team.

How We Operate

While we have delivered many workshops for teams and team members, we prefer to work with you to design exactly what you need. Rather than getting a “canned” program, you get a workshop specifically tailored to your needs. We take the key skills and knowledge we know will make a difference, match that with the needs you have, then tailor the overall workshop to meet your specific needs.

Beyond our core content, exercises and practice sessions, we have a broad range of related skills and knowledge that can be used to supplement, and adjust the workshop to help it fit your organizations’ unique needs.

Because of our experience and approach, you aren’t paying for a new training design, but rather you get a customized product at a very reasonable investment.

How You Will Benefit

While we customize the workshop to your needs, here are some sample learning objectives.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the four basic communication styles.
  • State your own personal communication style – both under normal and stress conditions.
  • Adjust your communication style to better communicate with specific people, based on your observations.
  • Describe the phases of team development and how to move from one stage to the next.
  • Understand the basics of group dynamics and how be a positive influence on those dynamics.
  • Identify and operate effectively in various team roles.
  • Recognize your personal strengths as a team member and how to maximize their impact on team success.
  • More effectively participate in team meetings and decisions.
  • Be proactive and accountable in your actions and with the rest of the team.

What You Can Expect

Becoming a More Effective Team Member workshops are interactive, fun, and practical. Participants will leave with ideas and actions they can immediately use to be more successful on teams.

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