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Learn How to Deliver More Effective Training – Whatever Your Content!

Would you like all of the training in your organization to be at least 20% more effective?

Our Train the Trainer workshops help those people given a training responsibility to be more successful, enjoy the role more, and most importantly, to provide real (and lasting) learning to their students.

Bottom Line?

Training is a huge organizational investment in time and effort. Helping your trainers to be more effective has a highly leveraged impact on the learning success of all of the students they teach, forever! Improve the skills of your trainers by 20% and thereby improve the effectiveness of all the training they deliver by 20%. The return on this investment is amazing!

How We Operate

While we offer many public train the trainer workshops ranging from 1 to 5 days in length, we can also work with you to design exactly what you need. We take the key skills and knowledge we know will make a difference, match that with the needs you have, then create the overall workshop to meet your specific needs.

“Our leaders had the choice between an 8-hour facilitation class or to have the opportunity to take Kevin’s 3 day Train the Trainer class. Their choice? We scheduled Kevin to hold 3 Train the Trainer sessions for our leaders. It was necessary to have 3 classes to accommodate all the interested parties… Quite frankly, we were jealous that we were not able to attend.

We did however, have the opportunity to video a group of 4-5 out of each session on the first day of training and on the final day of training as they gave a presentation. The improvement was nothing short of miraculous. People that have never stood up before improved drastically by the end of the session. Everyone, no exceptions, benefited from the training and highly recommended the session for anyone that had the opportunity.”

– Jerry Hale and Brenda Ralston, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

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Beyond our core content, exercises and practice sessions, we have a broad range of related skills and knowledge that can be used to supplement, and adjust the workshop to help it fit your organizations’ unique needs.

Because of our experience and approach, you aren’t paying for a new training design, but rather you get a customized product at a very reasonable investment.

How You Will Benefit

While we customize the workshop to your needs, here are some sample learning objectives. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Create a useful, effective learning environment.
  • Use the principles of adult learning to improve learning results.
  • Write learner centered instructional objectives.
  • Deliver training that meets the learning objectives.
  • Use effective organization of material to improve the group’s learning.
  • Prepare visual aids that are clear, effective and related to the topic.
  • Use visual aids without distracting the class – in a professional way.
  • Eliminate and/or handle classroom disasters.
  • Effectively deal with difficult participant behaviors.
  • Effectively prepare to deliver a training session.
  • Lead a classroom discussion so it meets the desired outcomes for the participants and the intended learning objective.
  • Teach others a skill, so they can replicate it correctly.
  • And much more!

What You Can Expect

Our Train the Trainer workshops are highly interactive – you receive lots of practice and constructive expert and peer feedback to help you succeed as a trainer. Click here to learn more and register for one of our public workshops.

Or for more information about train the trainer workshops, or having one customized for your organization, complete the form below to request more information and get a free initial consultation.

Learn more about our overall approach to training and training delivery.


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