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Testimonials for Carl Smith

I have been fortunate to attend/experience and facilitate many leadership opportunities myself. This allows me a perhaps unique perspective and genuine respect for the way in which the content was packaged and delivered. A huge thank you to Carl Smith and Guy Harris for all you do and fr making a different in the lives of so many. – Beth Smith, First United Methodist Church, Richardson, TX.

- -

Not only was the information outstanding, the presentation skills by Mr. Carl Smith were AWESOME (as we learned to say in class.)

I think I can give him one of the top two compliments I have ever given. Through his skills, he changes lives.  Our company owner is close personal friends with Ken Blanchard so I was please I got to attend this workshop. Thank you.

Walter Moorhead
Mountaire Farms Inc

- Walter Moorhead - Communicating for Results Attendee

Great Workshop!  The workshop was informative, high-level – and the expertise of the facilitator was top-notch.  Everything was excellent and Carl [Smith] is super-amazing!  Very engaging, smart, experienced, and wise.

- Jackie Claybrook - RemCOM Anaheim 2013.11 Attendee

Carl [Smith] did a great job engaging all the participants in a safe and disarming fashion – bringing their experiences and talents into the course.  This course is hands-on.  It elevated my game with elements that were instantly applicable.

- Russ Berezowski - RemCOM Anaheim 2013.11 Attendee

I have been to many similar training events and have learned a lot from all of them.  This event has easily been a top value.  Carl [Smith] is a phenomenal instructor of this material! The material itself was very well-written and well-organized.

- Rick Shute - Tribal Knowledge LLC

[Carl] was absolutely prepared.  He was very diplomatic and gave great advice on specific situational questions.  I am very optimistic about using what I learned and the new goals I have as a leader – with the needs of other people being my focus.

- Robin Haugen - Hu-Friedy Mfg.

Carl had the ability to bring relevant real life experiences into the conversation abled me to see where I can apply the information in my own life.

- Keith Lemaster - Garney Construction

I will recommend Carl [Smith] to our corporate trainer.  I will recommend Carl [Smith] to our corporate trainer.  Great course and time well spent.  Valuable information.  He is also a good person and made the material interesting.

- Larry Foley - Brady Worldwide, Inc.

One of the best training sessions I have ever attended.   Material was well-organized and had a great balance between presentation, discussions and activities.  Our instructor, Carl Smith, was very insightful and gave us powerful tools – for both the workplace and in our personal lives.

- Lisa Marone - RadiSys

Carl was phenomenal.  He was clear and considerate.  He provided an atmosphere for ‘fun’ learning and a ‘safe’ environment to be open. Well done!

- Denise Probst - McKesson