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Testimonials for Change

At the beginning of the course, we, as a group, decided what we wanted from the course, and the trainer was able to mold the course around those points!
This was by far the most beneficial training I have had – it focused on what we could control (ourselves) and how to control our reactions to different people/situations.
There was a lot of psychology and human behavior information in the course.  Understanding and utilizing this information allows me to structure my management style in the most beneficial way for myself an my team.
I have seen immediate results both for myself and my team.

- Kayla Johnson - Panalpina, Inc. Attended Bud to Boss Workshop in Dallas, 10-13

Kevin provided several concepts that explain how trust and change happen, and ways to increase the values to create a better team at work.

- Kim Humphrey - Leadership Training Camp, Nashville, TN Attendee

Thanks for your guidance at the Leadership Camp!  I have my first meeting with my board of directors since our training together in Chicago.  With many changes for next year on the agenda, I am looking forward to both the challenge and opportunity of leading our organization into and through next year.  The time we’ve spent together in both the Workshop and the Teleseminar Coaching have been helpful!

- -

I really enjoyed being able to define (or see) the connection/correlation that this information has with my team.  This clarity will benefit me in managing and most importantly LEADING my team to top performance.

- -

This training challenged my comfort levels, and the ability to see what I considered negative to actually see as an opportunity!

- -

The seminar helped me to understand the actions and behaviors of people behind their reasons (e.g., personality, perspective).  It directs me to view and think things differently from before.  I also believe the tools and tips that I learned from the class will be beneficial to me greatly.  Thanks.

- Y. Tina Lee - DOC / NIST

I can’t really put my finger on it. But your seminar in Nashville has made a difference in the way I think about leadership and the way that I do my job. I now pay more attention to the way that something works or fails. I don’t take things at face value as much I had in the past. Maybe it was just that I had been doing the same things for too long. I had gotten into a routine. Your seminar showed me that I should continue to look for new ways. I didn’t realize that I was resistant to change until I returned home and got back to my normal routine. I had always thought of myself as a champion of change. But I did/do have my ruts and I don’t always embrace change like I should. After your seminar I can see where I need to make changes and I think I’m really making some progress. This change thing can really make the old job seem fun again. Thanks again.

- Tom Jellings - Project Management, Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

Guy [Harris] presented the training very well.  I liked that he showed, discussed, and shared both the pros and cons of the steps involved in this transition.  He kept his agenda very well in focus, and did not trail off on something irrelevant to the material or discussion.  We discussed a few scenarios that hit close to home and to the office that I feel will benefit me in both my personal and professional life.  Thank you and keep playing!

- -

Thank you for a wonderful Board Planning Meeting. You received high marks from our not-for-profit cooperative board of directors for actively engaging them in the strategic planning process. Your diverse methods of input allowed each member of our board to approach their task comfortably, using their unique talents to clarify their thoughts, and then see their input used as we modified our mission, and developed our vision.  Additionally, we were able to agree on our core strategy with action steps, all in the same day. Rarely has any group been able to go so far and succinctly agree on the outcome. Your leadership skills to take our diverse board through this process are remarkable.

- Rod Kelsay - Executive Director, Mid America Cooperative Council

Kevin is, by far, the most engaging moderator and speaker I have ever seen! He captivated our audience and sustained their involvement from beginning to end. I have received numerous comments from the participants expressing their satisfaction and delight after hearing Kevin’s message on change and leadership.

Kevin’s authenticity, transparency, and genuine care for people sets the stage for a very safe and comfortable environment allowing participants to share ideas freely. He was the highlight of our entire conference! I’m looking forward to bringing Kevin into our company for regular speaking engagements and workshops. Kevin is a ‘world-class’ speaker and trainer. . . He delivered beyond expectations! I will always look to Kevin Eikenberry first to deliver required content and ensure success of any large change initiative.

- Krystal Sautter - Director of Consumer Affairs, ConAgra Foods