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Testimonials for Consulting

Guy Harris has presented at Microchip Technology on several occasions.  Most recently, he presented the topics of Feedback Power and How to Sell an Idea You Don’t Own.  He has presented both in-person and virtually, with new and experienced managers.  Guy is great to work with.  He was very thorough, consulting with me on multiple occasions to understand our goals and needs.  He took the time to learn our company’s culture, vernacular, and challenges before presenting.  Guy is also a great facilitator.  The majority of the audience was engineers, and they connected with him and his professional background.  The training was very effective and had the desired impact.

- K. Sturgeon - Microchip Technology Inc.

We chose the Kevin Eikenberry Group to work with us on our in-house customer service training program. We wanted to work with a group that understood our company and our goals. We did not need someone to re-invent our customer service; we needed someone to help complement it.  We got that, and more with our trainer, Guy Harris, and the Kevin Eikenberry Group.  Our employees had an overwhelmingly positive response to the training, and we are confident this will resonate with our customers for a long time to come.

- Margaret Burns - Customer Service Call Center Manager, Signature Information Solutions LLC

It was an excellent class and everyone involved can be very proud of the effect it has already had on all the people that attended. This was an experience I will never forget.

- -

The end result while working with Kevin Eikenberry was our vision, strategy and tactics for 2005. Kevin worked with our Communication Department for three days, assisting us in brainstorming activities and eventually capturing our final results. Along with the business aspect of the meeting, Kevin helped us grow closer as a team with numerous activities and break-out sessions.I was the primary contact with Kevin Eikenberry. I felt he went beyond the call of duty in his flexibility with us (we changed dates a few times), his work relationship (Kevin flew out to meet with us personally and we had numerous phone conversations) and his knowledge of our business.The return on investment is still occurring. Kevin has developed a business relationship with the head of our department. She is independently calling him for counsel. I feel confident that we will utilize his services again in the future.The key aspect to his success is his enthusiasm while teaching and also the knowledge that he strives to obtain about our business. Kevin did a lot of research and read information on our business, so that when he facilitated he had an understanding of what we were trying to achieve and the best way to do that.

- Trina Steinberg - Communications Specialist, Chevron

I have worked with Kevin Eikenberry both as a co-worker and as a consultant. His ability to motivate and lead is truly unique. He has the ability to increase an individual’s self-awareness and self-confidence simultaneously. These traits make the training “bottom-line” increase no matter what the topic.

- Wm. Cameron Casper - Director, HR Citigroup

Thank you for a wonderful Board Planning Meeting. You received high marks from our not-for-profit cooperative board of directors for actively engaging them in the strategic planning process. Your diverse methods of input allowed each member of our board to approach their task comfortably, using their unique talents to clarify their thoughts, and then see their input used as we modified our mission, and developed our vision.  Additionally, we were able to agree on our core strategy with action steps, all in the same day. Rarely has any group been able to go so far and succinctly agree on the outcome. Your leadership skills to take our diverse board through this process are remarkable.

- Rod Kelsay - Executive Director, Mid America Cooperative Council

Kevin, the Chief Potential Officer of the Kevin Eikenberry Group, has been helping organizations since 1993 achieve their potential. Kevin excels at helping organizations identify and improve in a variety of ways: leadership, team and teamwork, creativity, facilitation, training trainers, consulting and the consulting process, and more. Kevin and his team will help you to think in new ways. He is knowledgeable, flexible and fun to work with. You will find his ‘can do’ attitude a delight to work with.

- Maggie Huebner - Owner, Huebner and Associates(LinkedIn)

Kevin’s training classes are much more hands on and keeps everyone participating. Other classes I have attended gave me the feeling the ‘Instructor’ was simply going through the motions. The instructor mainly used the “Lecture” approach. I have actually seen people dozing off. This simply does not and will not happen with Kevin’s classes.

You won’t regret using The Kevin Eikenberry Group for you next training. And you will realize that you wasted your money on the last trainer when you use Kevin.

- Kendall Barrow - Shift Supervisor, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

We have been using Kevin for about 2 years now and are pleased with his services. Overall quality is excellent, materials very well presented. We will continue to use Kevin (using him now) and there are no disappointments.  He will make it right no matter what it takes to meet our needs (and I can be difficult since I am also a consultant!).  Kevin has also been helpful to me personally as a coach and mentor from outside my own organization, which helps me be a better consultant for the executives and leaders here at TriHealth.

- Kathye Habig - Director Perfromance Improvement Consulting - TriHealth

The 12 Benefits of working with Kevin Eikenberry (and The Kevin Eikenberry Group) are….

  • Kevin has an extensive scope of knowledge and knows where to find information when he doesn’t know something.
  • Kevin has a positive outlook on the world and people–definitely an optimist which rubs off on others.
  • Kevin is full of creativeness and boundless energy.
  • Kevin has a unique ability to get people to relate to one another.
  • Kevin creates fun which allows people to enjoy learning.
  • Kevin is informal, approachable and easy to get to know.
  • Kevin is sincere in his desire for our success and it shows.
  • Kevin has the ability to relate to technical people and is respected by his customers.
  • Kevin has extensive knowledge of our culture.
  • I feel like I get my money’s worth with Kevin because he goes the extra mile and does the little things like following up to make sure I’m satisfied.
  • Cool quotations!
  • Provides me feedback to help me learn about myself and grow.

- Gary Burkett and Nancy Meek - Chevron Petroleum Technology Company