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Testimonials for Creativity

I found myself thinking of how to apply these techniques not only with work relationships, but other personal relationships in life.

- Gina Belanger - Baystate Vascular Services

I came to this class not entirely knowing what to expect. I could not have had a better experience. Every minute of my time was worth it! I cannot wait to implement these concepts in my professional, personal and athletic coaching lives!

- Holli Klechler - Storey County

I like how Guy [Harris] shares personal experiences of stories.  It really helps me understand and relate so that I can put the information into effect in my own life.  Also, I like how he has us do group activities and participate, but he does not put us on the spot.

- Jan (Buzz) van der Voorl - Warehouse Demo Services

In my assessment, Kevin is leading one of the most powerful and inspiring conversations about Leadership now occurring on our planet. At a time when many are ‘cynical and resigned’ Kevin’s book injects fresh new DNA into the intellectual gene pool of possibility.

Kevin is a wonderful leader, mentor and friend. Since meeting Kevin in 2005 I have had several chances to collaborate with him in his role as leader of the Kevin Eikenberry Group. Each time, Kevin brought his inquiring mind, sharply focused attention and wonderful wit to bear and went on to share his deep understanding of leadership with our regional colleagues in Asia-Pacific. Of course he was a big hit with our professionals as they are keenly interested in acquiring mastery of the art of leading. I am deeply grateful to Kevin for his support and look forward to returning the favor in future.

- David Chard - Director, Asia-Pacific Edelman Academy

This workshop offers practical skills and knowledge that can be used in a variety of organizations. It is interactive, engaging and fun, and offers action-oriented steps for all managers and leaders.

- Dr. Renee Collings - Western Washington University

Carl is a very animated instructor which makes me more comfortable.  He makes the class fun and exciting.  He seemed to know how to draw you out to get you involved.  He is an excellent instructor.

- Duane S. Grant - Archer Daniels Midland

Guy [Harris] was very good at keeping the seminar interesting and keeping it on track.

- Elaine Mann - State Auto Insurance

Provided an injection of inspiration to return my focus back to leadership.  Book is an excellent resource, a great buffet of tools and tips!

- Anonymous - anonymous

Training exceeded my expectations.  I have been to many types of seminars and have a fairly broad frame-of-reference with which to work regarding this statement.  The material is well thought-out, and was presented nicely by Kevin.  I relate well to his style and appreciate his objectivity and creativity.  He brought many visual and memorable experiences to the training.  I will definitely recommend training to others.

- Andy Garrett - Live Oak Materials, Inc.