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Testimonials for Goals

Kevin does an excellent job of connecting with our employees and keeping everyone energized and engaged during his sessions.
Steven McCartney, AgCredit
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- Steven McCartney -

This course taught me more about myself than just management styles.  I learned how to talk to people and how to listen which will support me to build a better team.  I loved this class, and can’t wait to ‘start over’ with my employees – so we can all share the same vision and passion.

- Heather Pena - The Cheescake Factory, Attended Bud to Boss Workshop in Dallas, 10-13

The end result while working with Kevin Eikenberry was our vision, strategy and tactics for 2005. Kevin worked with our Communication Department for three days, assisting us in brainstorming activities and eventually capturing our final results. Along with the business aspect of the meeting, Kevin helped us grow closer as a team with numerous activities and break-out sessions.I was the primary contact with Kevin Eikenberry. I felt he went beyond the call of duty in his flexibility with us (we changed dates a few times), his work relationship (Kevin flew out to meet with us personally and we had numerous phone conversations) and his knowledge of our business.The return on investment is still occurring. Kevin has developed a business relationship with the head of our department. She is independently calling him for counsel. I feel confident that we will utilize his services again in the future.The key aspect to his success is his enthusiasm while teaching and also the knowledge that he strives to obtain about our business. Kevin did a lot of research and read information on our business, so that when he facilitated he had an understanding of what we were trying to achieve and the best way to do that.

- Trina Steinberg - Communications Specialist, Chevron

Since ending our leadership conference with Kevin as the speaker, we have received so many wonderful comments about Kevin, and the context of his message. Kevin was the perfect individual to end our day-long leadership training because he synthesized the entire day in to one or two action items for the attendees. Kevin does a great job of condensing information down into manageable components so everyone feels like they can accomplish something. His warm and personable delivery makes him appealing to a wide variety of audiences and his message is to the point with identified action items for the attendees. Kevin is a seasoned orator and develops a level of comfort and trust with his audience that is rarely duplicated.

Kevin Eikenberry is a gentleman that delivers the message in a timely, energetic and positive manner. He leaves individuals with wisdom that can be taken home and used in both their professional and personal lives.

If you want someone to energize and educate your audience about setting goals and achieving them, then Kevin Eikenberry is your man.

- Todd Coleman - Executive Director, Purde Alumni Association

As we finalize our business plans for 2002 and reflect back on 2001 and our accomplishments, it is hard not to go back to that week we spent together in late February, 2001 where the process began. I can remember our discussion, during January, on how we could bring this team together and get them focused on common objectives to deliver the business results required for 2001. It seemed, at the time, to be an impossible task.

Kevin, we had a great year! We have grown into an excellent team who is focused on the business objectives and is willing to work together to ensure the success of each individual work group. The barriers have been removed. Much of our success is due to your leadership and guidance. You helped us develop clear objectives and define what was required to accomplish our established goals.

I wanted to personally thank you for helping us unlock the team’s potential and charting a new path to success. It has helped us build a solid foundation that will serve us well as we continue to grow and learn as a team in the future.

- Randall Walker - Brand Development Manager Chevron Products Company

[Carl] was absolutely prepared.  He was very diplomatic and gave great advice on specific situational questions.  I am very optimistic about using what I learned and the new goals I have as a leader – with the needs of other people being my focus.

- Robin Haugen - Hu-Friedy Mfg.

Thank you for a wonderful Board Planning Meeting. You received high marks from our not-for-profit cooperative board of directors for actively engaging them in the strategic planning process. Your diverse methods of input allowed each member of our board to approach their task comfortably, using their unique talents to clarify their thoughts, and then see their input used as we modified our mission, and developed our vision.  Additionally, we were able to agree on our core strategy with action steps, all in the same day. Rarely has any group been able to go so far and succinctly agree on the outcome. Your leadership skills to take our diverse board through this process are remarkable.

- Rod Kelsay - Executive Director, Mid America Cooperative Council

The best class I’ve been in my life. Learned a lot and achieved my personal goals!

- Dutch Price/Participant -