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Testimonials for Guy Harris

“Your assistance and mentoring has proven to be fundamental in our improvements; you’ve given me the ability to work with my superiors and the employees in each department bringing them together in a safety and production system that enables and encourages all involved. The tools you provide, although often never recognized by the recipients, have helped to create a work place environment that serves everyone from the new hire to the President of the company.”

  • Wetzell, Hansen Bros. Enterprises

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The course was very insightful. There were a lot of concepts that we discussed that I’ve heard in the workplace (delegation, attitude, accountable) but this class helped me understand why these trait’s are important for someone in a management role. The course introduced me to new concepts and strategies that I haven’t heard before that will truly make me a better manager. – Doug Hutsenpiller (Sprenger Health Care Systems)


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I have been fortunate to attend/experience and facilitate many leadership opportunities myself. This allows me a perhaps unique perspective and genuine respect for the way in which the content was packaged and delivered. A huge thank you to Carl Smith and Guy Harris for all you do and fr making a different in the lives of so many. – Beth Smith, First United Methodist Church, Richardson, TX.

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Well worth the time spent. The course provided a whole new way to view and understand communication issues. With understanding comes resolution.

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Guy Harris has presented at Microchip Technology on several occasions.  Most recently, he presented the topics of Feedback Power and How to Sell an Idea You Don’t Own.  He has presented both in-person and virtually, with new and experienced managers.  Guy is great to work with.  He was very thorough, consulting with me on multiple occasions to understand our goals and needs.  He took the time to learn our company’s culture, vernacular, and challenges before presenting.  Guy is also a great facilitator.  The majority of the audience was engineers, and they connected with him and his professional background.  The training was very effective and had the desired impact.

- K. Sturgeon - Microchip Technology Inc.

We chose the Kevin Eikenberry Group to work with us on our in-house customer service training program. We wanted to work with a group that understood our company and our goals. We did not need someone to re-invent our customer service; we needed someone to help complement it.  We got that, and more with our trainer, Guy Harris, and the Kevin Eikenberry Group.  Our employees had an overwhelmingly positive response to the training, and we are confident this will resonate with our customers for a long time to come.

- Margaret Burns - Customer Service Call Center Manager, Signature Information Solutions LLC

The information was relevant and to the point.  The presenter, Guy Harris, was honest and direct – never becoming too wordy.  Guy allowed substantial give and take between himself and the audience.  As an individual, I never felt put on the spot for answers, interaction, or role-playing scenarios.

- Caroline Landrum - Panalpina, Inc. Attended Bud to Boss Workshop in Dallas, 10-13

The seminar itself is very motivational.  I feel in my case, it was very much needed.  I enjoyed the speaker, Guy Harris, as he gave a different view on how one could address things.  I left with a different view on work and personal-related issues.

- Joselin Vargas - Panalpina, Inc. Attended Bud to Boss Workshop in Dallas, 10-13

Guy was a phenomenal presenter ~ engaging and transparent.  I look forward to finding other programs that he offers.

- Daniel Schroeder - Panalpina, Inc. Attended Bud to Boss Workshop in Dallas, 10-13

I really think this topic/subject matter is necessary for organizational development.  Even more, this particular course, taught by Guy [Harris], was delivered very well.  I can think of how-needed this is for both our board and staff, given the nature/set-up of our organization – we deal with grantees, external partners, legislators, and clients.  There’s different dynamics of conflict across the different stakeholders, so this would be excellent for our organization.

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