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Testimonials for Kevin Eikenberry

“I can’t remember another workshop I’ve participated in where I can take every topic discussed into my real world. Thank you for re-energizing me!”  -S. Eversole

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I’ve take a lot of training over the years and I love to coach. A lot of times I don’t give myself credit for what I know, but this class gave me a boost of confidence (I’ll always have to practice and continue to learn) and I loved the formulas! Great way to teach those particular concepts. – Rick Shute

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Kevin is great, this should be called an energizer, not a session it was that great. I really appreciated Kevin’s energy at the end of the day. He was energizing and relevant.

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Kevin was a fabulous presenter. Very engaging and his material was informative, thought provoking and right on the mark! Lots of great take a ways. Thank you.

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Love it! We just introduced “Bud to Boss” at my employer and already there is a waiting list to participate. Relevant and timely material. Kevin is an enthusiastic, engaging and funny speaker. Perfect way to end a long day!

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When Kevin Eikenberry came to Bellevue University, we learned more in one day than we had learned in months. We participated in exercises and discussion that provoked self-discovery and we gained valuable insights to apply the learning more readily than ever before.
I like to describe Kevin as an interesting mix of the people with whom you are already most familiar. Whether you share a meal with him, listen to his fatherly advice, engage in his training, or express your goals and development plans to him, you’ll feel as though you’ve known him for years.
The greatest teachers model the behaviors they strive to help others learn. While Kevin writes and teaches us that “the skills of a leader are transferable across all the roles you play in all parts of your life,” he also lives by it. When Kevin demonstrates his own brand of remarkable leadership instead of simply telling us about principles in the realm of theory, we attach to it and get a more tangible sense of our own potential. This is skill building you can really sink your teeth into!

- Jon Titus - Bellevue University - Remarkable Leadership

The Bud to Boss Leadership Program has been a great investment for me. Not only has the program and people within the program been a huge encouragement for me, it has also taught me to be a more productive, more confident and a greater contributing leader to the success of our business. It has gone so well, we have decided to add to my growing team as we continue to get even better results.

Thanks for Remarkable Training Kevin!

JLF – Marketing Manager

- Jeri Lee Fraga - Bud to Boss Attendee

This training exceeded my expectations. It was informative and interactive which allowed me to stay engaged.

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It’s very refreshing to do business with a company who clearly values and cares about other people.  I thoroughly enjoyed  the Remarkable Leadership seminar I attended led by Kevin.  It was abundantly clear that Kevin thoroughly knew the material he was teaching, and that he really enjoyed doing what he did.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate Kevin’s performance as a 10.  He was fun and engaging, but also made it clear how much he valued the lessons he was teaching.  I’ve already begun mentally preparing myself to make sure I engage in feed-forward as well as feed-back when addressing my direct reports.  Also, keeping in mind the change formula lets me make sure I’m giving my team all the necessary information when discussing changes.  I can’t say enough good things about the course and I look forward to hearing from you again.

- Chase Baum, CAD Supervisor -

I thought the seminar was a worthwhile and engaging event. It was sort of cool to watch all of my team.  From where I was sitting, I could see that they were all fully engaged.  My greatest take away would definitely be the Trust Equation. This seems to come up a lot, and it’s something that we still haven’t quite mastered, although I think we’re getting better. I know firsthand what it is like to have someone on your team who doesn’t trust you. If there is no trust; there is nothing to build on. That is why it is so important to EARN it right from the beginning, and keep it throughout the relationship.

I hope that I have picked up enough skills and knowledge to be a GREAT coach and a better coachee! – Karyn Mahoney, Glynn Electric

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