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Testimonials for Public Workshops

The course was very insightful. There were a lot of concepts that we discussed that I’ve heard in the workplace (delegation, attitude, accountable) but this class helped me understand why these trait’s are important for someone in a management role. The course introduced me to new concepts and strategies that I haven’t heard before that will truly make me a better manager. – Doug Hutsenpiller (Sprenger Health Care Systems)


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What makes a good Leader? This is just one of the many significant and complex questions we mulled over in our two-day Bud to Boss, or “Mate to Manager,” workshop as us Brits like to lovingly refer to it. Fifty percent management training and fifty percent personal therapy is how I would describe those 15 hours spent in Brunel sharing ideas, bonding, and playing with play doh.

I took away a lot of good ideas and tips to use in my new role as a manager from these two days, including seeing many of the more difficult management situations in a different light. A couple to note – seeing passion in resistance and the importance of focusing on your champions of change. And also, we often are all just following a process of ups and downs to come out on the other end a happier individual/team – forming> storming> norming> performing!

Taken from blog post, Bud to Boss in the UK: Building and Bonding, by Suze Tyler, Manager, Student Success, EMEA


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Not only was the information outstanding, the presentation skills by Mr. Carl Smith were AWESOME (as we learned to say in class.)

I think I can give him one of the top two compliments I have ever given. Through his skills, he changes lives.  Our company owner is close personal friends with Ken Blanchard so I was please I got to attend this workshop. Thank you.

Walter Moorhead
Mountaire Farms Inc

- Walter Moorhead - Communicating for Results Attendee

Our organization is growing fast – and often people are being grown into “leadership” roles without the tools to do it well.  They/we learn in time – by making mistakes – but this workshop speeds efficiency and creates a common game plan.

- Tim Thompson - Bud to Boss Workshop Attendee, Chicago, March, 2014

I have been through DISC evaluation and DISC training on both the personal and corporate levels.  Both times, the DISC was explained thoroughly.  The difference we experienced in this workshop was that we explored barriers to communication as well as ways to break those barriers.  That alone was worth the price of admission!

- Mike Glynn, Glynn Electric - Remarkable Communicator Workshop Attendee

Learned a lot about communication methods and styles and think that the more I learn, develop and apply these techniques, the more forward we can move (both personally, and as a team.)

- Stephen DesRoches - Remarkable Communicator Workshop Attendee

I have been through a few of these – this is the 1st time when it was all of my team in attendance.  Much more effective, and I would suggest all companies that have communication/conflict issues to attend as a team.

Mike Glynn, Glynn Electric
Remarkable Communicator Attendee

- Matt Glynn - Remarkable Communicator Workshop Attendee

Great Workshop!  The workshop was informative, high-level – and the expertise of the facilitator was top-notch.  Everything was excellent and Carl [Smith] is super-amazing!  Very engaging, smart, experienced, and wise.

- Jackie Claybrook - RemCOM Anaheim 2013.11 Attendee

Carl [Smith] did a great job engaging all the participants in a safe and disarming fashion – bringing their experiences and talents into the course.  This course is hands-on.  It elevated my game with elements that were instantly applicable.

- Russ Berezowski - RemCOM Anaheim 2013.11 Attendee

The information was relevant and to the point.  The presenter, Guy Harris, was honest and direct – never becoming too wordy.  Guy allowed substantial give and take between himself and the audience.  As an individual, I never felt put on the spot for answers, interaction, or role-playing scenarios.

- Caroline Landrum - Panalpina, Inc. Attended Bud to Boss Workshop in Dallas, 10-13