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Testimonials for Remarkable Leadership Book

An important book that combines profound simplicity with practical instructions for leadership greatness. Buy two copies–one for your desk and one for your bedside.

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I wouldn’t just recommend Kevin’s book. I recommend you dog ear it, highlight it, scratch random thoughts in it and then buy a copy for your second in command as required reading.

- Tony Scelzo - Founder of Rainmakers

Kevin has identified the key behaviors that remarkable leaders exhibit. More importantly, he has given us practical ways to develop these behaviors.

- Steve Boeckman - President and CEO, Great Lakes Energy Cooperative

Kevin has broken down leadership in a bottom line, user friendly way. By the time you are done with this book, you will realize that personal leadership is both your birthright and natural legacy.

- Tami Walsh - President,

Remarkable Leadership will equip you with all the skills you need to become a Remarkable Leader. Remarkable Leaders can be made…if we choose to live and improve in our strengths zones.

- Phil Gerbyshak - Author of 10 Ways to Make It great!

I can’t think of a better book than Remarkable Leadership to put into the hands of aspiring leaders — or people who want to become more effective leaders. It’s well-written, filled with practical suggestions, and, for my money, hits the truly important aspects of leading inside an organization.

- Rick Maurer - Author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance

Kevin’s book can take the ordinary and human in all of us and help us meld ourselves into remarkable leaders. His book invites all of us to find what kind of leader we can truly be.

- Rusty Rueff - CEO, SNOCAP, Inc

Kevin combines ideas from many leaders melding them into cohesive lessons. This is a book that will help you get from where you currently are to where you strive to go.

- Lou Russell - Bestselling Author and President of Russell Martin & Associates

As a leader, I look for just in time training, tools, tips and techniques I can apply on the job. Kevin’s Eikenberry’s 1 hour teleseminar delivered; it was packed with tips for today’s leaders doing more with less. Kevin integrated the use of a complimentary teaching tool for team alignment to reinforce the learning during the teleseminar. The Remarkable Leadership teleseminars are perfect for Project Managers, Program Managers and C-level executives leading teams in small,medium or large organizations.

- Naomi Caietti PMP - Architect, Consultant, Project Manager IT Enterprise

If you want to be a better leader in your organization then read this practical and powerful manual and follow the action plan.

- Jon Gordon - Author of The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life