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Testimonials for Speakers & Presenters

Working with Kevin was a professional pleasure you don’t always get to experience. He was personable, engaging, responsive and attentive to our needs. In our search for a keynote speaker we not only sought good content, but someone who could engage and entertain, as well.

Kevin succeeded in delivering on all points. He was extremely conscious of our time and flexible to go with the flow of our program. He was able to effectively gauge the tenor of the audience and engage them on a very personal basis from the stage. And he delivered content that was both motivational and entertaining – extremely important with an audience that spent a long day in seminars and eager to relax both mind and body.

Kevin read the audience perfectly and kept them engaged through interesting content, pace of delivery and well-timed humor. In short, he was Remarkable!

- -

I came to Bud to Boss with hopes of learning methods to train my new supervisors, and the course exceeded those expectations – I learned a lot as well.  I have been to many training courses, but none with the energy like Marla [Allen] exudes!

- Heather Buffalow - Behr Process Corp.

Guy [Harris] presented the training very well.  I liked that he showed, discussed, and shared both the pros and cons of the steps involved in this transition.  He kept his agenda very well in focus, and did not trail off on something irrelevant to the material or discussion.  We discussed a few scenarios that hit close to home and to the office that I feel will benefit me in both my personal and professional life.  Thank you and keep playing!

- -

It is comforting to know that others are in similar situations and looking to improve their skills in managing people.  Sara Jane [Hope] helped facilitate conversations and group discussion ~ Well Done!

- Steve Tuil - The Stelter Company

Guy Harris has valuable experiences to share and stories that made the information easier to understand and digest.  Providing real life examples enhanced the training and provided easy references to make connections.

- Paola Veras - CUNY / York College

I have been to many similar training events and have learned a lot from all of them.  This event has easily been a top value.  Carl [Smith] is a phenomenal instructor of this material! The material itself was very well-written and well-organized.

- Rick Shute - Tribal Knowledge LLC

[Carl] was absolutely prepared.  He was very diplomatic and gave great advice on specific situational questions.  I am very optimistic about using what I learned and the new goals I have as a leader – with the needs of other people being my focus.

- Robin Haugen - Hu-Friedy Mfg.

I really learned a lot from the course and feel the information and guidance I received can be applied immediately to situations at work.  Guy [Harris] was a great presenter and I enjoyed his presentation!

- Margery Fox - Pearson eCollege

From my experience attending seminars, the speaker makes or breaks the experience.   Guy [Harris] did a great job discussing relevant information, and applying it to practical situations.

- Jordan Robinson - Davis Graham & Stubbs

Carl had the ability to bring relevant real life experiences into the conversation abled me to see where I can apply the information in my own life.

- Keith Lemaster - Garney Construction