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Unleashing Your Remarkable Potential

April 23rd, 2012 | ISSN. 1551-6571 | Issue 9.17

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Kevin EikenberryHappy Monday!

This past week I had several people tell me how much they appreciate this newsletter in their inbox every Monday morning. We pride ourselves on delivering it to you with that consistency - and we have been doing that now for almost 8 years (though the first few months it was every other week).

So, whether you have been here since the beginning, or this is your first issue, to paraphrase NBC's Meet the Press, if it is Monday, it must be Unleashing Your Remarkable Potential!

This week's article has a dual role. The purpose for writing it is to share it with people who will be attending our workshops as a way for us to help them get the most from their time and monetary investment in the training. I am confident it will be helpful to you as well and I hope that you will forward it to others who might soon be attending training. (If you are going to share the article, why not invite people to subscribe to the newsletter and join the fun each week?) 

I really like this week's resource recommendation - the book exposes a myth that needs to be exposed. Reading it and applying what it recommends could make a huge difference in your life.

Let's get on with it!

Enjoy this issue, make it a great week, and remember always that...

. . .You are Remarkable.

Yours in learning,


In Kevin's Own Words

Read This Before You Attend Your Next Training Session

Read This LetterDear Learner,

I don't know why the training is on your calendar. Maybe you are being told to go. Maybe you don't even really know what it is about. Maybe you'd rather go to training than be at your desk. Maybe training means a chance to get away from home for a day or two. Maybe you are really looking forward to attending and are excited about it. Or maybe it is some combination of these (and other) reasons.

Regardless of the circumstances and your reasons why, the reality is that you will soon be attending some training. And because you are attending - investing your time (and perhaps your money) and changing your routine, doesn't it make sense to get the most from the experience that you possibly can?

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In Your Words

"Kevin made this a great seminar and has brought out those "ah-ha" moments to the questions and problems that make being a leader difficult."

- Heather Fike - Olympic Peninsula Kidney Center

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Kevin Recommends

The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism
by Olivia Fox Cabane

The Charisma MythIn leadership workshops, I often ask people to create a list of characteristics or skills of highly successful leaders. Often charisma makes that list. When that item gets mentioned, or when we review the list, people tend to get a faraway gaze in their eyes. That look, I've found, means that people really wish they had some of that charisma, but they believe that it is reserved for the lucky few -- that some have the charisma gene, and the rest of us, don't.

I've long maintained that to be a myth and this brilliant new book provides far more thought, research and application to that assertion.

Here is the author's point, from early in the book: "Contrary to commonly held charisma myths, you don't have to be naturally outgoing, you don't have to be physically attractive, and you won't have to change your personality. No matter where you are starting from, you can significantly increase your personal charisma and reap the rewards both in business and in daily life."

The book goes on to describe the components of charisma from a behavioral science perspective and provides specific exercises to help you practice the skills and learn the behaviors that will help you improve your charisma.

Some of the exercises you may be familiar with, but not have associated with this skill set. Some are easy, and some quite challenging. In every case the author outlines why they are used and why they work, and makes it all as practical as possible.

As leaders, we are in the influence business. As we are able to be more charismatic, we can influence more successfully.

This book is worth reading if simply to convince you that you can become more charismatic. It is more valuable, though, when you actually practice what it suggests. When you do, greater results await.

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