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Unleashing Your Remarkable Potential

Issue 4.25
June 18th, 2007
ISSN: 1551-6571

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Kevin EikenberryHappy Summer!

Let me be among the first to wish you a happy summer (at least for those readers in the northern hemisphere)! Let me also welcome several hundred new readers that I have met over the past couple of weeks – we are glad to have you join us.

Today I unveil the website for my new book, Remarkable Leadership. I encourage you to go and take a look. We will be doing some very cool things there and while I’m sure I’ll mention it again, now would be the chance to be among the very first to see it (and to read a sample chapter)!

Today’s article is connected to last week’s popular article on PowerPoint and even stresses some of the same key points. Both articles were written as additional content that will be available to readers of Remarkable Leadership – again, as an Unleashing Your Remarkable Potential reader, you get a sneak peek!

Make it a great week, enjoy this issue and remember always that You are Remarkable.

Yours in Learning,

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In Kevin's Own Words

Preparing a More Powerful Presentation

Most every professional has to give a presentation at some point (and some, most every day). And while some enjoy presenting to groups, the vast majority of people would say it isn’t their favorite activity.

Because presenting to groups isn’t fun for most, and further, because it isn’t easy, people are often stymied as to what steps to take to create a presentation that will be successful and, at the same time, less stressful.

Achieving these twin ideas of creating a better presentation with less stress is the goal of the suggestions that follow. First, grab 10-12 index cards, and then, as you read, think about a specific presentation that you might need to give soon.

Click HERE to continue.

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Best of Leadership Blogs 2007

Best of Leadership Blogs 2007Today I give you ten recommendations, tied up into one!

We have identified ten great blogs that focus on leadership (some have been recommended here in the past), and have decided to offer a contest to determine which one is the very best at this point in time. So take a look at the ten sites, spend a few minutes reading them, and then vote for the one that is the best, most valuable, most useful, or whatever other criteria you want to apply!

By taking my recommendation, you will get wonderful new ideas, insights and perspectives from some of the brightest leadership stars in the galaxy. PLUS, you will be entered to win Remarkable Leadership Volume 1. A 12 CD set with materials gleaned from the Remarkable Leadership Learning System archives valued at more than $550!

Read my blog post about the contest, see the list of blogs and get ready to vote! Don’t delay – voting ends July 6th.

Decision 2007!

Help choose the best leadership blog of 2007. Review the eligible blogs, make your choice and enter to win a prize for yourself.

Best Leadership Blogs 2007

Being a Better Consultant

You serve in a consulting capacity in some way - regardless of your job title.

Consulting Skills for Training Professionals

Learn more about how this 4-CD set will help you develop skills to make you more confident, trusted and influential within your organization and beyond.

Vantagepoints on Learning and Life


Pick up a personalized copy of Kevin's first bestseller that is filled with more than 50 lessons on finding learning opportunities in everyday situations.

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"Our work is the presentation of our capabilities."

- Johann von Goethe, philosopher and scientist

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