Traditional Leadership Development Is Broken, But It Can Be Fixed

Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked with and observed hundreds of organizations and their leadership development programs. And unfortunately, most of these programs don’t even come close to accomplishing what they were designed to do – build better leaders for the long term.

Our observation makes one fact clear: Leadership development has been broken for years.

Each year more money is invested in leadership development, with disappointing results. The return on investment is often, unfortunately, dismal.

Because here’s the thing – when it comes to leadership development, most programs focus on developing a great training program. Somehow, the terms training and development have become synonymous when they are not at all. Here is the truth:

Training is an event, but learning (including leadership development) is a process.

It might sound funny to hear us saying that the problem is training, but that’s not entirely what we are saying here. The problem comes from thinking that training (alone) can meet your needs or solve your leadership development problems.

Your experience tells you it doesn’t, and it can’t.

When we see leadership development just as training, we are doing what everyone else is doing - focusing on “best practices” and not the actual practice itself. You know how some people define insanity, right? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

By that definition, when it comes to developing leaders, there are a lot of insane organizations, and insane leaders – all with great intentions, but a terrible strategy.

Beyond the “event” nature of training, often training isn’t even very good. Too much training is a monologue rather than a dialogue – an event where attendees are passively listening and not participating; and definitely not practicing and planning for success.

People don’t learn important, complex life skills in an instant. In an instant, we can get an insight, an aha, and an inspiration. At an event, we can get ideas, approaches, checklists, and knowledge and foundations for skill development. But skills are developed over time – not in a one shot, one-time training course (regardless of how well it is designed or how awesome the trainer is). Skills are honed through practice and application.

The only way to get real leadership development is to create a process that supports real-life learning and one where the events are only a small planning part of the overall process. Until you create that you will never have a reasonable rate of return on the investment of time, talent and energy.

And even if we get the skills part right, it’s not enough.

The parts that are missing are the reasons you are disappointed with the effectiveness of your leadership development up until now. There are two very important pieces missing–what comes before the skill and what it takes for the skill to take hold.

The Most Important Element of Effective Leadership That No One Is Talking About

While leadership is about the outcomes you want to achieve and supporting and growing team members to reach those outcomes, there is something more.

Leadership isn’t about the leader, but it starts with the leader.

Who you are says much about how you will lead.

Before we even get to the skills that support the success of our team members, there is us. The element missing from nearly all leadership development activities is any discussion of, understanding of and development of the mindsets of the leader.


Mindset is the collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape our thoughts. Our mindset determines our attitude and defines how we interpret the world. Our mindset creates our thoughts, and those thoughts drive our actions.

If we don’t align our mindset with the skills we want to employ (or teach others), there is virtually no chance of applying a skill consistently (if you can even really learn it at all).

And while there isn’t a perfect set of the “right” mindsets for leadership effectiveness, every mindset will impact the way a person leads. And if you understand their impacts, you can adjust and choose mindsets that support the success you want to create as a leader, and as a human being..

Most leadership development activities never consider or address mindset; but as you now see, mindset is the critical starting point for lasting leadership growth and success.

Leadership Skills Are Still Useless without THIS

Knowing the right skills to lead more effective is helpful.

Understanding how to use them is necessary.

But developing any skill (including leadership skills) isn’t an academic exercise.

You can’t build your leadership skills in a classroom. To ride a bike, you must put your butt on a seat and start pedaling. Let me make this clear: all the instruction in the world may help, but skill development comes in the real world with real situations, in real time during real life.

Yes, skills are the start, but to master a skill it we must try it, then dedicate ourselves to making that new skill permanent. How do skills become permanent? We need habits to support the needed practice. More than creating practice, habits allow us to do things without thinking.

Do you think about how you tie your shoes, comb your hair, or brush your teeth? Do you think about how you greet a co-worker or give feedback?

If you want to change any established practice (including how you do any leadership skill) you must create a habit to support the application of the new skill. The simple fact is learning a new skill or improving an existing one requires a change of habit.

In order to be a better leader, we must know what our habits are, and decide if they are supporting successful results. If we determine they aren’t we must know how to create and sustain the new habits. Then and only then can we consciously create the habitset the will support the leadership results we desire.

You know this: habits are at the heart of our results. If you aren’t getting the results you want in any area of life, a big key is to figure out which habits (considered or not) are getting in your way, then adjusting them to create new results. The problem is we don’t have a way to apply this in real life.

Mindset + Skillset + Habitset = Lasting Leadership Growth and Success

The Remarkable Way is a revolutionary system that helps leaders of all levels learn and apply all three of these components:




Only when each is considered, understood and developed can anyone come close to becoming the Remarkable Leader they were born to be.

Leadership development is complex and can’t be oversimplified. That is why the historical focus on skills alone isn’t enough. It can’t be about one, or even two of the components. Lasting success comes only when all three – mindset-skillset-habitset are employed.

Training Is an Event, Learning Is a Process.

Zig Ziglar once said "Others can stop you temporarily. You are the only one who can do it permanently."

We all go through levels of learning and often, in the process, fail and have to re-group and begin again.

And only the leaders who are willing to go through that process again and again will achieve success.

There’s no such thing as overnight success; and you won’t become remarkable overnight. Learning is a process, a journey, that never ends.

Think about any skill that you have. Did you learn it solely in a classroom, or watching some online training?

Riding a bike…playing a musical instrument…walking…

Instruction may be part of the process but will never be the full solution.

Now think about specifically for leaders...

Listening...being a good team feedback...

We learn skills by practice, in an active, real setting, where we can try, fail, repeat, and improve. Learning is a process. Clear and simple.

The Remarkable Way is a Revolutionary System That Uses a Proven Process to Get the Leadership Results You Deserve

The Remarkable Way is a proven process to get the results that leaders need - it is an on-going development process, not a one-time workshop. It goes beyond teaching skills – it helps leaders develop the skillset they need – but it also helps identify and develop the mindsets and habitsets critical to short and long term success.

Here’s what members in The Remarkable Way can expect each month:


A Monthly Planning Tool: Any project needs a plan, and The Remarkable Way is your plan for leadership success. At the start of each month, members will receive a document to set them up for success in learning and applying that month’s focus skill.


Skillset Spotlight: This once-a-month, live 45-minute webinar will provide members with ideas, approaches and tactics to help them gain a new skill. It will be practical and quick and available after the live date in the Remarkable Way Learning Portal.


Mindset TV: Every week, members will receive a short video from Kevin that addresses leadership mindset. Members will get ideas and will be challenged and inspired to consider the mindset that will best help them apply and develop that month’s focus skill.


The Morning Minute: Habits build daily. To help create the habitsets to support development, members will receive a brief text message each workday morning. It will remind, inspire and inform and is designed to keep consciously moving members towards their development goals, creating the habits they need to make it all really happen.


The Coaching Call-in: Membership includes live, personal access to Kevin each month. Once a month, Kevin will open up a limited number of 10-15 minute slots that members can sign up for and use to discuss questions or challenges related to that month’s focus skill – or anything they want to discuss.


The Remarkable Way Community: This members-only Facebook Group is a platform where members can ask questions, share ideas, and "talk" with Kevin and other members of The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

The Skillset Plan for 2019-20 Session of The Remarkable Way

Below are the skillsets by month that members will learn, practice and develop in the first year of The Remarkable Way

  • July 2019: Creating Team Commitment
  • August 2019: Presenting Powerfully
  • September 2019: Getting More (of the Right Things) Done
  • October 2019: Giving Effective Feedback
  • November 2019: Setting Goals Collaboratively
  • December 2019: Creating Commitment Not Just Compliance
  • January 2020: Listening as a Leader
  • February 2020: Building Confidence in Yourself and Others
  • March 2020: Using Stories to Communicate More Effectively
  • April 2020: Creating Crystal Clear Expectations
  • May 2020: Leading your Culture
  • June 2020: Building Your Leadership Presence
  • July 2020: Having Difficult Conversations
  • August 2020: Leading Change Effectively
  • September 2020: Using Questions More Effectively 

Every month, I will be equipping leaders to be the most successful leader that they are capable of being. The Remarkable Way solves the problems and frustrations we have heard for years about traditional leadership development.

If you are frustrated by the lack of growth of the leadership skills in your organization, and you are looking for a solution, you are in the right place.

If you are stressed because the leaders across your organization need ongoing support and the training you have isn’t enough, it’s time to try something new.

If your organization can’t spare their leaders to be away for days learning skills that they might never get fully implemented, The Remarkable Way can help.

Invest in Your Leaders Today!

Registration CLOSES at midnight on Wednesday, July 3 and we will not open registration again until October! You must join us before then and when you do, members will get the following bonuses:

Remarkable Leadership

Remarkable Leadership is a practical handbook written for anyone who wants to hone the skills they need to become a remarkable leader.

VALUE: $35

A Remarkable Journal

In order continue the learning journey, leaders need a place to think on paper, a place to capture ideas, a place to reflect. A journal is the perfect place for this, and this journal was designed specifically by Kevin to help leaders maximize their learning and skill development.

VALUE: $20

The Insider

Our print newsletter filled with the latest ideas and new applications of timeless leadership principle written specifically for leaders.

VALUE: $99


Download of The Key to Developing Executives

In this training program, we'll help those responsible for leadership development think about how they can better influence and help executives grow their skills.

VALUE: $249


A FREE Seat in One of Our Flagship Workshops

New members will get a FREE seat of their choice to either of our flagship workshops, Coaching with Confidence or From Manager to Remarkable Leader.

VALUE: $1,295


The first 5 members who join will receive all of the above bonuses PLUS a 30-minute coaching call with Kevin.

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We've been building Remarkable Leaders for over 25 years!

"Leaders focused on developing leaders, will find the resources and wisdom provided by Kevin and his Remarkable team are essential tools for promoting leadership growth."

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"An investment in Kevin's material is an investment in a healthier workplace culture and participative environment."

"An investment in Kevin's material is an investment in a healthier workplace culture and participative environment."

"Kevin never disappoints. Every session is a learning experience that I use at work and home."

- Tuan Newlin

"Kevin has a way of making each session productive and memorable. His group leadership facilitation made our conversations on company culture meaningful and provided actionable items we can pursue and integrate within the company."

- Tracie Egger, AgReliant Genetics

"Kevin Eikenberry is a living example that anything is possible. Many complain about life and how hard it is but Kevin and his team demonstrate that life is just about overcoming obstacles and demonstrating your best potential."

- Daniela Shailin Ibarra

About Kevin

Kevin Eikenberry is a recognized world expert on leadership development and learning and is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group ( He has spent more than 25 years helping organizations across North America, and leaders from around the world, on leadership, learning, teams and teamwork, communication and more. Twice he has been named by as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management Experts in the World and has been included in many other similar lists. He is the author, co-author or a contributing author to nearly 20 books, including Remarkable Leadership and bestseller From Bud to Boss – Secrets of the Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership (with Guy Harris), The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership (with Wayne Turmel). His blog is consistently ranked among the world’s best, most read and most shared on leadership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really interactive learning?

In a word – absolutely! Our live webinars give you the chance to ask questions, offer suggestions and get feedback every month. You also have the opportunity to get personal access to Kevin with the Coaching Call-in, the Remarkable Way Community as well as our entire Remarkable Leadership team via phone and email when you need us.

Do I need to be in a "real" leadership role to participate?

How do you define "real"? Seriously, what makes you any different from a Fortune 100 CEO, department head, front line supervisor or a PTA President?

No matter what your business card says (or doesn’t say), we believe every person on the planet can be a leader. You may not have anyone to lead yet, but every person has the capacity to lead in some way. The Remarkable Way is built around meeting you where you are in your leadership journey.

What do Members do every month?

Our Members spend time participating in webinars, reflecting on leadership mindset each week with Mindset TV, creating and practicing leadership habits through Your Morning Minute and sharing their successes and challenges with the other Members through the Community and otherwise.

Before you say "I don’t have time" or "there’s no way I could fit this is into my routine", you need to know The Remarkable Way is built specifically with active, busy, on-the-go leaders in mind. All of the tools are designed to combine seamlessly with your professional – and personal – life – so that your leadership development becomes a part of your life. 

Webinars are offered during the work day and can be scheduled like a meeting on your calendar. If for some reason you aren’t able to join us live, recordings are made available for every webinar. Every month we focus specifically on area can be strengthened and immediately applied in your office, at your next meeting, with your team, in your next presentation, etc.

This approach allows you to really hone and practice your new (or refreshed) skills, mindsets and habitsets quickly without ever having to leave the office or lose time on the job. You’ll immediately see results and have opportunities to get on-going feedback from your team and colleagues.

There is no such thing as overnight success and you won’t become remarkable overnight. If you want lasting success, you must make your learning and your development a sustainable process. 

The Remarkable Way is a proven process that will help you get the results that you need. It is an on-going process that goes beyond just teaching the leadership skills – it helps you develop the skillset you need and it also helps you identify and develop the mindsets and habitsets that are critical to your short and long-term success. 

This monthly, on-going system will solve the problems and frustrations that traditional leadership development has struggled to answer for years. 

Two Pricing Options & Bulk Discounts to Fit Your Organizational Needs:

One Payment of


Includes all of the bonuses above!

Three Payments of


First payment due now, remaining two will be charged once per month over the next two months. 

Includes all of the bonuses above!

Bulk Discounts:

Save $200/person when you register 3 - 9 leaders.

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